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Yandex launched the microtasking platform Toloka in 2014 to improve its search algorithm. These tasks are usually simple and do not require special training. However, you should note that Toloka does have its limitations. If you are considering joining the platform, you should keep these factors in mind before signing up. This article will give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of Toloka. Also, read on to learn more about its limitations.

Toloka is a global crowd task platform

Toloka is a global crowd-task platform with nine million registered users and 360,000 Tolokers based in 44 countries. In the case of Ghana, Tolokers have already walked to more than 6,000 stores and restaurants and collected accurate data. However, earning potential is limited and requires a high level of accuracy. Its earning potential depends on the languages and accuracy of the completed tasks.

It is a genuine and trusted paying website

Although the earning opportunities are limited, Yandex Toloka is a reliable and genuine paying website. As a member, you can earn cash by completing different tasks that are related to your skill level. You can earn up to 3 dollars per hour and earn various bonuses. Depending on the language you know, you may earn up to 3 dollars per hour. If you are new to Toloka, sign up now and begin earning!

It has its limitations

There are several advantages of using Toloka. You can earn money by doing simple tasks, such as answering questions on Toloka. However, the limitations of the service are often overlooked. For example, the work is not always available for everyone. You can’t set your own hours, which limits your earning potential. Another problem is that it can be difficult to find qualified work, especially if you’re just starting out. However, there are ways to overcome this problem, including the referral program.

It pays well

As long as you live in Turkey, you can sign up for Toloka to earn money online. You can earn anywhere between one and three dollars per hour by performing various tasks. Tasks require you to read texts and images, determine whether the content is rated 18 or not, and follow instructions. Earnings vary depending on the task and the accuracy level. However, you can earn up to 156$ per month working eight hours per day.

It has a referral program

Toloka offers a referral program which lets you earn up to 20% of a task’s price by referring new users. This program is part of Toloka’s terms of service. Depending on the payment method you choose, you can earn anywhere from 5% to 20% of a task’s price. However, some countries don’t support Paypal as a payment gateway. You should know that withdrawal time may vary from a few hours to a few days.

It requires a Yandex account

If you’re wondering whether Toloka requires a Yandexe account, it’s important to remember that a Yandex ID is necessary to use the platform. Using a Yandex ID is free, but you’ll need to create one if you want to access Toloka. Once you’ve created your Yandex ID, you can log in to Toloka and start exploring the many tasks you can complete.

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