How To Recover Deleted Photos and Chats From WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is among the most widely used instant messaging apps in the world with millions of users. Users do not just chat with each other via WhatsApp, but also exchange media files comprising videos, photos and much other. However, due to storage limitations, many users erase huge WhatsApp files and as a result, losing a significant amount of images and videos. If you’ve been guilty of this you shouldn’t be worried because there is a method that will restore those deleted files.

If you’re a regular WhatsApp user, it’s likely that you have a good understanding of the functions of WhatsApp deleted photos recovery. But, if you delete an image or file in chat, it could appear difficult to get it back. This is due to the fact that when users delete an image from an WhatsApp conversation, the image doesn’t appear in the chat. By default, it could not be displayed within Gallery. Gallery app for your smartphone either. If you’re in this position there are several options to recover the deleted photo from Whatsapp deleted image recovery:

To get WhatsApp deleted photos recovery you should be aware that WhatsApp keeps all messages and photos locally. Contrary to other platforms, WhatsApp stores copies of the messages in their server. In addition it ensures the privacy of users by not storing duplicates of messages stored on the cloud. Also, WhatsApp deleted images recovery is becoming more difficult in the event that photos are deleted by accident. In some cases, users erase the messages or photos in the app. Sometimes it is possible to lose them when switching between phones or even during the factory reset.

Auto RDM is an utility app that can help you find deleted messages by scanning your notification messages. With this app you will not only retrieve messages in text format, but also any other messages as well media attachments (pictures videos, images, voice notes and audio files, animated gifs or stickers)!


Recover Deleted Messages
Auto RDM is an ideal app for you to restore deleted messages via checking your phone’s notifications. For deleted messages recovery is never simpler!

Restore Media Files
Find all kinds of media attachments, including videos, images audio notes, voice notes, animated gifs, stickers and more. Auto RDM is an universal tool, not restricted for deleted messages recovery.

Status Saver
You can also make use of the feature of saving status (both videos and images) and share it with your circle of friends.

Direct Chat
Direct messages for any contact number you want on WhatsApp regardless of whether it’s not in your contact list.

Tool for Recovery of Deleted Messages using Dark Mode
Protect your eyes from burning and see deleted messages using dark modes! 🙂 Enjoy our dark mode feature as well as restore deleted messages immediately.

What is it that makes it work?
The app isn’t able to access messages directly since they are stored as encrypted. This means that Auto RDM reads messages from notifications to create backups. If a message gets deleted and there is a backup of that same message is available and the backup is available, the app provides you with a notification that contains the deleted message’s contents.

Restore Media Files
Automated RDM can save all media that is attached to the message. Restore media files within a couple of clicks and browse deleted messages quickly.
Auto RDM is able to recover images animations, videos, animated gifs and audio files voice notes as well as documents and stickers when the sender erases the messages. Unique software to recover deleted messages, including text messages or restore media files!

  • Auto RDM isn’t working in the following situations
    If you’ve muted the chat, you must muted it.
    If you’re currently watching the chat, you are currently watching the.
    If you’ve turned off the notifications of your phone.
    If you believe that the messages were deleted prior to installing the app

Find and access deleted messages by using auto RDM. Auto RDM!


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