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To earn some extra cash on the WestMoney app, sign up with your email or mobile number. You will then receive a 6-digit PIN and be given tasks to complete. Once you register, you can discuss economic and market topics in China. New users of the app can choose tasks that can earn them as much as $150. Once you complete these tasks, you can cash out. The tasks are divided into different categories: Cashback, Stock market simulator, Social network, and Online community.


Cashback on the Westmoney app is a convenient way to earn cash back when you make purchases. You can browse a list of cashback offers from thousands of retailers in your area. Cashback rates vary between 1% and 40%, depending on the category and retailer. Additionally, if you’re a regular customer of a specific store, you can download its app for more convenient cashback opportunities. You can also earn $10 as a welcome bonus after spending $25 or refer a friend.

This app is similar to a coupon and rewards you for making purchases. It offers cashback in the form of points or rebates that can be applied to future purchases. The app offers a variety of ways to use it, from earning points or discounts for making purchases to offering bonus coupons for additional discounts. Some cashback apps even let you redeem points for price breaks and gift cards. You can use these apps to build a savings habit and make extra money to pay off credit card bills.

Stock market simulators

One of the most popular stock market simulators on Google Play is Westmoney. Users can invest in stocks, check their trading performance in real time, and track their portfolio. Westmoney is developed by a team of stock market experts, including top brokers in India. Here are some of the reasons why you should try it. Read on to discover the benefits of this app. Weigh the pros and cons, and choose your favorite.

The main benefit of this app is the ability to simulate investing in real-time without risking any of your own money. You can practice making the right decisions for the market by following the stock’s price movements, reading research materials, and chatting with other users. Westmoney offers numerous training exercises for stock pickers, including free stock trading with virtual money. It’s easy to get started, and you can start gaining confidence before risking real money.

Social network

The Westmoney app has made it easy to keep in touch with the Chinese market. The app offers a wealth of resources, including educational content and in-app chat, to help investors make informed decisions. The app also allows users to connect with other investors and discuss hot topics within communities. The goal of this app is to make investing fun and easy. Once you’ve installed the Westmoney app, you’ll find it easy to earn money, and become a viral sensation yourself.

The Westmoney app has many features, including an activity tracker to track your steps and physical activity. The westmoney app even offers discounts and trade-ins on various products. The app is compatible with Apple Watch and Android Wear. Users will enjoy a variety of offers, from free gifts to special discounts. The app also features a variety of ways to make friends, share photos, and send messages. If you’re not sure whether this app is for you, read the reviews before making a decision.

Online community

The Westmoney app has become a leading source of information for foreign investors looking to enter the Chinese market. The app provides access to the latest domestic and foreign market information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The app also offers an interactive community where users can post and reply to each other’s posts. Users can also explore the App Reviews and App Ratings sections, slice by country, version, and date range, and track suggestions.

One of the advantages of creating an online community for your app is its flexibility and customization. You can choose a platform that includes an app that is built by experts or use an existing one. A platform that provides this option gives you complete control over the experience of your members. It can also offer features without any outside distractions. Plus, you can brand your app as your own and control its content and features. If you’re planning to develop your own mobile app, here are some of the benefits:

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