11 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android

WhatsApp is an integral part of the lives of many people. We talk about texts pictures, videos and more.. Through this stage, we talk to our loved ones, family, and anybody we wish to. In this scenario it is important to know who we’re talking to through most of the time on WhatsApp to put a small stop to that. For enjoyment, we’d like to know who is the person who we spend the most time in WhatsApp.

In reality, there are some apps on Play Store that will ensure that you’re talking about the best quality of WhatsApp chats. We’ll take a look at 11 of these apps as well as their add-on features!

WhatsApp Last Sighted Tracker Apps

Family Track Online Status: Use and Last Visit

Families are the single most significant thing in the world but you cannot be in control of their lives, nor can you safeguard them from danger. This is particularly relevant for children.

You could be trying to stop them from getting too much influenced by the internet however you’re worried that they’ll still be online regardless of the restrictions you have set.

Family Track is a tracker that provides comprehensive information about online activities. For instance you can examine the actions of many users simultaneously.

In addition, you can watch the activities of three or less people in a waywhere the monitoring is carried out continuously. We think it’s time to find out if any of the members of your family members are on the web in secret away from you. This program is designed mostly for children and parents who are required to supervise the actions of their children.

W-Seen Online Last Time Seen

Do you think your child is using social networks while you’re sleeping? It’s time to investigate this and engage in a serious discussion!

W-Seen Online provides you all of the data regarding the amount of time your loved ones are online. You can even observe the frequency with which your loved ones go online and reads messages.

You could even discover exactly where those you are considering visiting — W-Seen Online will show you the exact software they employ.

Once you have put into your contacts then you’ll be able to get immediate notifications every time people are online. The programmers give all users with a no-cost trial of Premium. This means you can make sure that LogMe Online works nicely.

Chat Track Online: Tracker for online chats and Last Seen

The name of the application gives you an agent working on a secret mission! It’s much simpler; Chat Track keeps tabs on whether your family or acquaintances are online and also connects to WhatsApp. The agent is hidden, since no one is likely to suspect the small investigation.

WhatsAgent can provide you with graphs displaying how much time that you’re online and offline. You can transfer your information entirely into an Excel document and test it on your computer If you’d like.

Notification of the WhatsAgent Online Online Notifier and Last Seen

Like other similar apps, WhatsAgent is chargeable and requires a monthly subscription. Due to the fact that WhatsApp often makes updates and attempts to ensure its users privacy, even after you purchase a subscription there could be interruptions within the functionality of the application.

LogWhat Online Tracker

The name of the application is right, it gives you the appearance of a secret agent working on a secret mission. Actually, it’s simple; LogWhat keeps tabs on whether your family or acquaintances are online and also logs into WhatsApp.

The agent is completely secretive because none of them will ever suspect your little investigation.

LogWhat online tracker will provide you with graphs displaying the time it is online as well as offline. It is possible to transfer your data completely into an Excel document and test it on your computer If you’d like.

Like similar apps, LogWhat is chargeable and requires a monthly subscription. Due to the fact that WhatsApp often makes updates and attempts to ensure its users’ privacy even if you do purchase a subscription, you could be impacted by interruptions in the functionality of the application.

Dasta: Last Seen Online

If you’re in search of an application that can tell you when your children or your beloved ones go online then Dasta is an excellent last seen online tracker application. There’s a timer can be seen to help you understand the other’s and your own time which is spent on WhatsApp and telegram, as well as different social networks. Dasta last seen tracker lets you view the previous month’s tracker reports. At one time you can create over 10 profiles to track. This is the best way to get instant notifications whenever your child or family members are likely to be offline and online. It also shows the last seen time and the estimated length.

In other words in other words, from moments to minutes, and minutes each minute will be counted and you’ll be aware of the exact times. Not just a single day, but monthly and weekly reports will be prepared for you to study more in depth. This app can include the number of contacts you require to view your online status.

Notify Online Last Sighted

Notice Online: Last Seen will provide you with an overview and a record of your child’s online activities. Children today spend an enormous amount of time using online media programs. They get themselves involved in online visits , and they are they are spending more and less time engaged in activities that are measurable that are extremely harmful for their physical and psychological health as they turn out to be more active online.

Notify online – last Seen will notify you whenever your children go online It also notifies parents when their children became disconnected. You can also look up the detailed report on the online last seen events. It is possible to check it every day , and week after week application usage and give you an idea of the amount of time they spend online.

WisTracker Online Last Seen Tracker for Families

What is the average time people are online? It’s difficult for us to know in a precise manner since the majority of people are online every single time.

If you’re looking to manage the behavior of your family members or assert yourself with an acquaintance, you’ll have to need to online; WisTracker is your important tool. It’s important to know that the service is paid and doesn’t provide most users with the opportunity to test it for free. In this case you’ll find that your son logs into WhatsApp at 4am and you believe the kid was asleep during that time.

WhatsApp Last Seen

Naturally, it’s important to note that not all applications that are launched use the standard data and standing strategy. Some of them seek guidance from official sources by collecting information in one application.

Other services will allow users to know the secret status”online.” In accordance with the requirements you have then you’ll be able to choose the best service for you. Social media users are able to view all data immediately.

If you’re experiencing issues with the program or cannot find the software yourself Choose the one that is suitable for you and then eventually you will become an unobtrusive investigator.

The W-Track Track Last Seen Tracker

The W-Track application is able to track the online activities of the user who has enrolled their money on WhatsApp. In the event that the individual kept their private information from being seen the application is able to track the activities of that user. Even if you’ve removed the user from your account but you’re still in a position to track the activities of the user.


As I’ve mentioned previously it is possible to track the activity of a single user’s online activities at the same time. Therefore, if you’d want to invite a different user on board, you’ll need to erase the data of the current user from the application.

The features of this application can be used to observe other people’s WhatsApp online logs. I’m sure you’ll love this application. Please share this application with your friend and post your experience here.

WatzUsage: Tracker for WhatsApp

Do not waste your time to monitor an individual’s last observation. Use WhatsOn and get notified when an your individual monitor will be online via WhatsApp. Check out the online time of your friends and children.

You’ll have the ability to track every single one of you installed application usage information by using Application Usage Monitor. The online tracker shows your every day WhatsApp use together with your last online time to WhatsApp. In addition, it informs you of the amount of time you use your application.

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